These four tracks are taken from a CD of the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion AIF Band and Concert Party presented by the Regimental Band and Choir of the Battalion played at Shepparton/Recreation Ground, Victoria, Sunday 1st December, 1940.

The Battalion's new commander, Lieut. Col. N. E. Wellington gave an address on that day when all of the newly gathered and in-training battalion had finally marched into the recreation ground in Shepparton. It had been decided that in order to toughen up the men they would march from Melbourne to Shepparton. Many fell by the way side as they had new boots and full packs, and they were unused to such a regime. They did however all arrive and it was to the sound of their regimental band.

The Ex-POW & Relatives Association is grateful to the 2/2nd Pioneers for allowing us to use some of the music played by the band and choir from that extraordinary day in their history. Special thanks goes to the President of the Association, Colin Hamley, ex-POW from the Thai Burma Railway in Williams Force. The music used is dedicated to Colin's brother, Don Hamley who died in 40 Kilo Camp on the Line.